Most notorious question asked… 8/21/18

Most notorious question asked…

So the most notorious question asked about Zeq?!?!.. is… when did you know.. notice that he may be different….

I mean we are all different in our own ways.. but definitely the most ask question I get.

I mean as you go through life. You notice things now..and think man I should have noticed that before. Right?!?! Well no. Because no one ever knows or can pin point the exact moment that something is off.. or slow.. or odd.

I could say it was at a week old when he never slept…ever!!! I could say it was when he didnt walk til almost 2. Or when he would stare at ceiling and talk to people. Or maybe it was when he was 3 and had to wear his lightning McQueen shoes 24/7 for almost a month(I mean only taking off for bath even sleeping in them) or just maybe it was when it was time to be done with bottle and he didnt drink for almost 2 days because of it. Or how about when he watched the cars movie non stop over and over until I had to replace the disk 3 times. It could have been when he would only drink strawberry milk out of a green cup. Oh yea that one time for his whole kindergarten year he wore a picture of me around his next. Oh and this one phase for a few years he had night terrors. I mean there was also the fact he didn’t potty train until 7. Or just maybe at 13 he can’t tie his shoes.

Yes a lot of this came after diagnosis. But when you have a new baby and he is amazing and not crying or seeming in pain. It is as if he is great. You dont think to remember the little quirks. Because he is perfect.

I can think of million things I should have caught or wrote down now almost 14 years later. But I didnt.. nope sure didn’t. My son was a healthy baby. So I didn’t question a lot of things. But maybe I should have..? But what difference would it have made? None not a single difference. He got diagnosed at a very young age of 4 thanks to his pre k teacher. She noticed things, and asked questions I wouldn’t have even thought twice about.

So at age of 4 he got his first set of diagnosis. Did it change who he was?!. Nope sure didn’t and if he gets more added as days/years go by.. is it going to change him?? Nope sure won’t. Will it help understand open possibilities.. of course. But nothing would change him, and I would never change him for anything. Sometimes I am ask if there was a magic pill to make it all go away would you try it?

I have thought long and hard about this… I wouldn’t. He is who he is!! Every ounce of him is amazing. He is my best friend in this whole world. I wouldn’t change him no matter what. Would i give anything in this universe to make his life easier.. of course sign me up.

He teaches me everyday. I learn so much from Zeq. I learn about fear, and struggles and he doesnt even know he is teaching me. I am his voice on things he can not say. I will always be his voice.

So I quess to answer the question everyone always asks. When did I know.. I knew the moment he was born that we would have the adventure of our lifetime.

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