First day blues.. 8/22/18

First day blues…
Well we came we saw we had our first day of school….

Was it a perfect first day.. no.. was it the best time of course not. Did we make it through it. Yep we did. Alarm goes off, let’s do this. Zeq was surprisingly ok getting up.. yay a victory (small to some huge to us) next clothes… strategically picked soft shorts for comfortability.. cotton tshirt for the same. Puts on hes ok with them both. Sweet…. breakfast has the normal donut. Still ok.. maybe we got this. Socks and shoes.. here’s where we start to go downhill quickly. One sock on…these are too long. Ok got this I’ll roll them down. He looks at me funny but let’s me and is a little better with it. Shoes.. well this didnt work out in our favor. Puts on. Too tight.. loosen them.. one feels funny. At this point 15 mins fight with these shoes. Time to leave has past. Meltdown begins. Ok ok you can wear sandals.. you wanna wear sandals(dumb decision on my part giving him a choice) no dont want to wear sandals. Ok buddy but we got to go. Make it to car, during meltdown. Zeq you can take your shoes off right after school.

Start our route to school. 5 minutes into it.. these shoes are gonna make my feet go numb.. I cant feel my feet. So the shoe fight continues. Turn around I want my sandals.. please mom please I need my sandals, I wanna wear my sandals..see why decisions are so bad…….

Zeq we cant turn around we are literally pulling into the school. So then begins the added part of our morning. Why do I have to use a book bag. I dont want to it makes my back sweat, it wont fit in my locker, its heavy. Please lord just let him make it into the school. Make to school, take our normal picture and out of the car. Not after promising I would atleast look for different shoes today. Whew in the school he goes.

Fast forward school day. Gets in car to go home. How was your day buddy. It was good. Your shoes do ok? Yep they did fine.. uggh.. all that for they were fine.. uggh.. but glad it worked out. We bought him another pair of shoes, ones without laces. He tried them on and loved them. So hopefully he loves them tomorrow.

After dinner we ask him what he liked about the first day?! nothing!! What is something that was bad about the first day?! His shoes!!! What is something you would change about first day?!.. my shoes(damn these shoes) and he would also not go to school.

After all said and done he made it through his first day. That is all that matters. He got new shoes for tomorrow and hopefully they will help.

You have to pick your battles with Zequal. If shoes is problem not necessarily an easy solution but not one that cant be changed. When comes to clothes he doesnt get the choice because it cause way to much pressure on him. Dont want to carry a book bag. Can be fixed as soon as gets his locker.

So at end of the day today was a victory! We will worry about tomorrow when it comes. Each day has it’s own challenges to overcome. So we will wait to see what awaits us tomorrow.

Every child on the first day of school has excitement or fears. Just remember some kids excitement and fears are so overwhelming it cripples them for either few mins to hours or days upon time. They need a little extra time to adjust. Be considerate.

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