First blog ever 8/13/18

First blog ever.. so may be here and there and possibly all over the place.. but here we go shall we..

Starting a new adventure. Hasn’t been easy getting here. As you can see by the name. But it’s been an adventure in itself. What kind a journey you ask. A 13 year old to this date. Its been mountains to climb, oceans to swim(and I can’t swim to save myself),deserts to cross and so forth. Has it been a fun adventure. Some days. Some days not so much somedays I go to war with a 13 year old who is an army in himself.

So now that I have gotten you here, and you haven’t left yet. Either you are intrigued or very bored.

First of all we will define disability and defy.

Disability- a physical or mental condition that limits s ones movement, senses, activities.

Defy- resist or refuse to obey.

In saying we are refusing to be a disability

Now what you must say?!?! We buckle up because it will be a bumpy ride. But if this ride puts awareness out there or teaches just one person my job is complete.

How defying disability came about.. well I am here.. a mother, a chef, a taxi driver, sports mom, full time employee of 2 full time jobs, a wife, a friend and the resume could go on but that is not what is important or why you came here.

There reason we are all here is because of an amazing young man. My son Zequal, he goes by Zeq, Henry, Pickle, or one of the many names of his other personalities John,Jeff,James and so on. We will go into that more as the days go on.

So Zeq probably goes through more to get out of bed everyday than most of us do in our life time. His exact diagnosis is as follows Autism spectrum asperbergers to be specific, tourette’s, imminent explosive disorder, OCD, ADHD, social anxiety, bipolar, mental retardation As well as possible schizophrenia / disassociate identity disorder (he is to young to be diagnosed).

He looks like a normal average 13 year yep he sure does. But after years of testing he averaged as of now a 2 year old. So wrapping your head around that alone is hard. Being told theres no answers to some what may seem simple questions is even harder. As been told a million times he is a “special case” because at end of day all the therapists, bsp plans can never work because it changes from week to week. So it is a rollercoaster most times. As this blog continues I will let you in on our crazy adventure we call everyday life. I will share stories some funny, some horrific, some so sad you will need tissues. I will allow you to have insight on someone who is basically a light switch and personalities come and go. You will get to see life with the label of disabled through eyes of a very amazing young man.

So if your not scared off yet I hope you will join us in this adventure of life. I will try and blog as often as possible.

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