Crappy situation 8/16/18

Crappy situation…

Literally!!! So on tonight’s episode… the all famous poop! Our least favorite subject.

So if you have read, known anyone on the spectrum you will know it is the one constant GI problems! Of all sorts. In this house it is chronic constipation. You think ok, some Miralax couple times a week, as long as he goes few times a week we are golden. Oh don’t I wish. We have a GI specialist who again uses the phrase “special case” why are we always a special case?!?! Why is everything so difficult. Who knows but we March on. Ok so back to this poop. Yes why yes would be awesome some Miralax and everyother day have bowel movement.. great.

Nope not in this house. When we go out..we go all out. We are lucky.. and I emphasize “lucky” if Zeq has a bowel movement once a month. Yep you heard me once a month. So large that you cant even fathom. We get a warning of some sort of. We hear…mom…… my chest hurts..and you know within two days it’s coming.

Most think this is the most amazing yet odd fact about Zeq, but nope it is not. You will hear more stories that make your jaw drop.

So yes we do have GI, she has no idea what to do. Could we do a colon cleanse drip in the hospital?! Sure we could.. 8 days with a constant drip and breathing tube down his throat. That is out of question. Next a nurse steps in. How about a gluten free diet?!?! Sure why the heck not?!?! Well let me tell you.. and everyone else you try and change an autistic childs diet and let me know how that goes for you. Because I for one have no want to even explore that option. Next hey why don’t you just add fiber you know, plums, fiber gums, whole wheat..?!?! Again you wanna try to right ahead, because that is not a fight worth having, Zeq would give up eating first, and meltdowns would be every hour on the hour. So the option we really have… laxative and stool softeners added to his daily medicine routine. Does it work some months maybe a tiny bit. Most months not at all.

So you know how you feel after you are constipated for a few days? How you feel full how you feel like your gonna explode?.

Imagine life that way for 13 years, getting up everyday and living your life going to school, laying down just trying to get comfortable.

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