Everyday someone is bullied whether it be because they are short, long hair, short hair, clothes they wear.. the list could go on and on. Zeqs had his fair share of being bullied. As we have started this school we have been incident free thus far, and in hopes that it stays that way. But previous years we have not been so lucky. Remember when … Continue reading Bullies..


So this one is a little different.. not the happiest. Because who ever actually wants to face problems head on?!?! First being said federal state whatevers.. can not diagnose a adolescent with schizophrenia or disassociate identity disorder. It wont happen no matter how many people have been present for the identities. There are many people in our lives.. teachers, specialists, people who are on his … Continue reading Personalities….

Most notorious question asked… 8/21/18

Most notorious question asked… So the most notorious question asked about Zeq?!?!.. is… when did you know.. notice that he may be different…. I mean we are all different in our own ways.. but definitely the most ask question I get. I mean as you go through life. You notice things now..and think man I should have noticed that before. Right?!?! Well no. Because no … Continue reading Most notorious question asked… 8/21/18